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What is pup play?

Have you asked yourself "what is pup play" or "how do I get into it"? Here you'll find what pup play is to different pups already part of the community!


Pup Ricardo Roo

So I actually got into pup play through the furry community originally. As of writing this I am a fur of 6 years and a pup of about 3 ish months. The community is really broad and diverse and really helps you appreciate all types of people. It also helps you break out of your shell a bit, like it did me! I got more confident and started meeting up with local pups recently! 

Any advice for a future pup, get invested! Be interested and explore! There’s so many facets of pup culture and how far it merges into other parts of communities like the furry community or the BDSM community! Overall, just learn to have fun and accept yourself and everyone else for who they are!

Pup Axel Q

I'm still new to pup play. So I had a rough idea of what it was. That was until recently a friend of mine actually told me about it. We went on for a good day or so talking back and forth about it. He and I both just kept talking about it the mask he got, and other stuff he got over the months during covid. I was intrigued by it all. So I had him help me figure it out. His experience added to the flame of helping me realize what I want or should get. I have not really experienced much of pup play sadly. To me really its something I like to do on my off time. When I have a bad day I can just put on a mask, and be someone else for a time. I don't have to worry about anything else , and just have fun. Since I'm usually self conscious. Having my mask on I am true to myself.  I can shine in the limelight so to speak. While taking some fun selfies. Thanks to my friend I'm able to meet new pups. They can share their experiences with me and vise versa. Its always a bowl of fun.


Pup Bruiser

Hi, my name is Bruiser and I have been a pup for about 15 years. When I first got into pup play, I didn’t know a lot about it but I found a handler, someone who cares for a pup, who taught me a little bit about it. But for the most part I just explored the pup head space on my own and forged my own identity as a pup. 

For me, pup play is a way to destress from the stress of being a human. When I go into the pup head space, I am able to take a break from everything going on and just have fun. I am able to just forget about whatever is troubling me or stressing me out for a bit and just let the head space take over. I have also found that just putting on my pup hood seems to calm me down when I am getting very stressed out. 

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